Here's Your Opportunity to Fast-Track Your Social Media Marketing Success.

Discover How to Use Social Media to Attract and Engage
Quality Customers, and Quickly Grow Your Business.


- Are you using Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter or YouTube, but not getting the results you hoped for?

- Would you like to know how to choose your Social Media activities wisely, without getting consumed by all the options.

- Do you simply want to know what works best and what activities will have the strongest impact on your bottom line?

Join us on the most powerful Social Media marketing event of 2010:

Dubai 11th and 12th of June 2010
Ductac, Mall of the Emirates

For the first time EVER in the Middle East,
12 Social-Media Mavens mind meld together to create
the Social Media & NEW Marketing event of the year
setting you up for added profits in 2010 and beyond.

The promise of Social Media is strong: Direct contact with customers (and prospects) who were previously unreachable...

Social Media has fully permeated popular culture across the planet over the last couple of years. But this is not some flash in the plan phenomenon.

Just consider these interesting factoids:

And these recent statistics are just a small sampling of the power of Social Media.

So the big question is this: What do seasoned online marketers and business owners know and do with Social Media to make their businesses so successful?

- if you knew step-by-step how the pros create and execute Social Media campaigns to attract high-quality customers and achieve success—you could simply duplicate what they do and achieve similar results.

That's what the You Learn Twit Face Conference is all about.

From: Ram & Gautam Ganglani

Dear Friend,

Right Selection Dubai has hosted the 2 most powerful Internet Marketing events in the Middle East. During the last 2 editions of the Unlimited Power Online events in 2008 and 2009 we've brought to Dubai 24 of the most influential Online entrepreneurs on the planet and this time we decided to bring together the world's most successful Social Media experts in the world and asked them to reveal their success secrets to YOU.

We're happy to announce that on the 11th and 12th of June we're hosting in Dubai the most exciting Social Media conference EVER!

Twelve of the world's most respected Social Media experts will come together to share their strategies (see the great line-up below).

They'll reveal all the latest techniques and proven business-building tactics you need to know to immediately benefit from Social Media!

You Learn Twit Face is the event of the year for marketers, from beginners to established professionals, who want to accelerate their business, using Social Media.

Which of these incredible business leaders and social media experts
 will help you reshape your definition of prosperity, wealth and success?

Joel Comm

#1 New York Times Best Selling Author of "The Adsense Code" and "Twitter Power, How To Dominate Your Market one Tweet at a Time"

Simon Leung

Known All Across the Internet Marketing Ondustry as the "Google Insider," is one of the Leading Experts in Maximizing Traffic Generation Results

Keith Wellman

nternet Marketing Mentor, Business Automation, List building, SEO and Traffic Generation Expert

Dean Hunt

Dean Hunt has been referred to as a Marketing Rebel, Creative Genius, and even a Business Hooligan. He's one of the most Creative Marketers Alive!

Ciaran Doyle

Google Expert Ciaran Doyle specialises in creating great wealth for his clients by using the awesome power of Google. Ciaran will be sharing his super quick secret strategies for making mountains of cash with Google Adwords

Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs is best known as the Guy who Created the Web 2.0 Syndication Service, Traffic Geyser that distributes over a Million Videos per week and Generates Top Ranking, Web Traffic in Minutes

Paul Lemberg

Paul is a Major Branding and Licensing Expert. He has appeared on Good Morning America and on CNN, as well as dozens of radio rograms. He's an accomplished Author having a number of his Books on High Ranking Positions on

Thomas Power

Thomas Power is the Co-Founder of Ecademy. A community with over half a million members. Ecademy is present in over 230 countries and has over 4,000 active clubs and networks

Len Foley

Len Foley is one of the World's Top Member Site Experts who has partnered with many Multi-Millionaires to create some of the most successful Online Communities in Existence

Ernesto Verdugo

Award Winning Speaker, Accelerated Learning Practitioner and Co-Organizer of the Unlimited Power Online & You Learn Twit Face Events

Rick Itzkowich

Rick helps people to really understand the value of Social Networking and LinkedIn in particular. He's one of the Few Social Media Experts endorsed by Mr. Ivan Misner Founder of BNI

Larry Loik

Larry will teach you how to turn your business into a Traffic Magnet. His system will work for Online and Offline businesses and allows you to attach more customers with less Time, Money & Energy.

Reg Athwal

Co-Founder & Chairman of 'OneTVO', Keynote Speaker, Moderator and Master of Ceremonies for Prominent Gatherings

Dave Crane

One of the regions best known entertainers, NLP Master Practitioner life coach & You Learn Twit Face 2010 MC

Akanksha Goel

Akanksha Goel is a Marketing Futurist and the founder of Socialize, a Social Media consultancy and training house headquartered in Dubai.

Why Social Media Marketing Now?

Allow us to use a Social Media "tool" (video) to describe the reason WHY this event is happening in the right place at the right time

As you can see on the video above, even traditional businesses like the Ford Motor Company, Clorox and State Farm Insurance are heavily focused on Social Media. This is not some "young kids" phenomenon.

But why is now such a critical time?

The idea of selling, pitching and applying hard-core marketing techniques doesn't resonate with your customers anymore. This economy makes it much harder to engage customers and prospects. And you likely have fewer dollars to spend on your marketing efforts.

The magic of Social Media is two-fold. First, you can engage directly with prospects and customers without any middleman (no list broker or reliance on publications). Second, it's free. There's absolutely no cost to leverage Social Media sites and build huge followings. Forget about email providers and search advertising. Social Media marketing bypasses all the fee-based services you're used to.

And there is no better time to begin Social Media Marketing. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have literally exploded and encompass hundreds of millions of people.

Most marketers are just getting started with Social Media marketing. It's not too late to reap the benefits for your business.

And the whole point of the You Learn Twit Face event is to empower you to succeed with Social Media!

If you (like so many) find yourself confused by all the Social Media options, now's your chance to lay down tracks for Social Media success.

Now, Before I Cover Everything We'll learn during these 2 days...
Let Me Tell You a Little More About the Incredible Online
Entrepreneurs You'll Meet in Dubai…


Joel Comm
New York Times Best Selling Author of "Twitter Power" and "The Adsense Code"

Joel Comm

Joel is an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for over twenty years.

In 1995, he launched, a family-friendly portal to the web which enjoys thousands of visitors each day. He is the co-creator of, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997, and is now known as Yahoo! Games.

Joel has launched dozens of web sites, including the popular bargain-hunting shopping site,, and


Simon Leung
Known all across the Internet Marketing industry as the "Google Insider,"

Simon LeungSimon Leung, known all across the Internet Marketing industry as the "Google Insider," is one of the leading experts in maximizing search engine and traffic generation results with the world's best search engine through Pay-Per-Click, SEO and social media.

As an entrepreneur, Simon created a half a million dollar business during his first year online as a full-time Internet Marketer, and continued on to surpass the seven figure mark shortly into his second year in business.



Keith Wellman
Internet Marketing Mentor, Business Automation, List building, SEO and Traffic Generation Expert

Keith WellmanKeith Wellman is a man who makes an impression in a big way. He lives his life in a state of forward motion; constantly growing and learning. If you met him today you would see a man who is living life as a successful person…he has achieved much in the last few years. Looking at his lifestyle you see a million dollar home, fancy cars, multiple trips to fascinating destinations each year; and, friends who share the same kind of lifestyle. He is married to a beautiful and intelligent wife and they share two beautiful and healthy children. He has not only what he needs, when he needs it; but, also is blessed to have what he wants as well. It hasn’t always been that way.

After graduating high school, Keith moved away from home and like most young people, struck out on his own. He worked a couple of part- time jobs and struggled to make ends meet. At one point, Keith was homeless and lived out of his vehicle. Michigan is no place to live in a vehicle once winter rolls around; and, after becoming severely ill, Keith decided that he was through with living his life from pay check to pay check.


Dean Hunt
Outrageous Marketing Genius and Internet's # 1 Leader in Buzz Marketing and Creative business Strategies

Dean HuntDean Hunt is a leader in buzz marketing and creative business strategies. At age 18 he was set to become a pro golfer, but a knee injury turned his world on it’s head. He recovered and now makes a 6 figure income from working in his boxer shorts each day from his home office. Dean likes to challenge assumptions and beliefs, and his edgy and amusing writing style has made him a hugely popular name in the world of entrepreneurs and marketing.

Dean has also had numerous viral marketing successes, one of which got over 241,000 unique visitors to his blog in 21 days, his free marketing report that was famously given the edgy title: “Web Traffic Orgasm” has been a revelation.



Ciaran Doyle
Internet Marketing Prodigy and Traffic Generation Expert

Ciaran DoyleGoogle expert Ciaran Doyle specialises in creating great wealth for his clients by using the awesome power of Google. Ciaran will be sharing his super quick secret strategies for making mountains of cash with Google Adwords including...

  • How you can start making cash from Google adwords in less than 1 hour (even if you are completely new to this)
  • How to write powerful ads that demand attention and pull visitors to your offers
  • How to ensure massive click through rates and dominate your Google space
  • The power of the super affiliate Domain name
  • How to get 100,000’s of visitors to your websites in a matter of weeks
  • Plus much much more

Mike Koenigs
Serial Entrepreneur and Inventor of Traffic Geyser

Mike KoenigsGeek, surfer, marketer, video producer and didgeridoo player, Mike Koenigs is best known as the guy who created the Web 2.0 syndication service, Traffic Geyser that distributes over a million videos per week and generates top ranking, web traffic and leads in minutes by sending video content to over 70 video sites, social bookmarking, social media, blog and podcasting directories.

Mike grew up in Eagle Lake, Minnesota (pop. 763) where he taught himself how to program at age 14. He wrote video games for the first Mac game company, PCAI. In 1991, he co-founded Digital Café, one of the first interactive multimedia agencies that produced the world’s first branded CD-ROM game, “Chex Quest” and shipped in more than six-million boxes of General Mills cereal.



Paul Lemberg
Author of the Best Selling Book "Be Unreasonable"

Paul LembergPaul Lemberg started his first business with a partner and $3,000 of credit card debt. Building the company to 92 people and sales on four continents, they sold it three years later for millions.

He used some of the cash to start a second company, and ultimately sold that business to large German Bank. After working as a corporate and market strategist for Fortune 100 technology companies, Paul found his passion and talent was helping other entrepreneurs become super-successful, and in 1992 coined the term business coaching to describe his work.


Thomas Power
Chairman of Business Social Network Ecademy with over 500,000 users in 234 Countries

Thomas & Penny PowerThomas is Chairman of Business Social Network Ecademy ( founded in February 1998 by his wife Penny Power and now with over 500,000 users in 234 countries.

Ecademy serves the 100 million business people who work from home providing support, contacts, collaboration, opportunities and most importantly a safe environment for people to meet, talk and network. There are 500 face to face meetings a month worldwide.

Thomas is involved at the heart of the changing way we do business in the 21st Century. He believes that understanding the social web will be THE key skill for business people in the 21st Century. He believes that, as more of the working populations of the Western economies become self employed, it will be a case of Connect or Starve.

Thomas, 46, has met over 25,000 people since 1982 and continues to hold 1,000 one-to-one meetings per year with new and existing contacts. His detailed memory allows him to connect people together based only on information learned in meetings and from Ecademy profiles.


Len Foley
Partner with many Multi-Millionaires on Creating some of the Most Successful Online Communities in Existence

Len FoleyLen Foley is one of the world's top member site experts who has partnered with many multi-millionaires to create some of the most successful online communities in existence.

Len began his first member site in 2002 with renown nutrition expert David Wolfe. He has since created and run sites for #1 New York Times best-selling author T. Harv Eker, MLM superstar Sonia Stringer, real estate millionaire David Finkel, among many others.


Ernesto Verdugo
Award Winning Speaker, Accelerated Learning Practitioner and Co-Organizer of the You Learn Twit Face Events

Ernesto VerdugoSince 1994 he has worked with thousands of individuals from over 80 nationalities in more than 45 different countries.

Words like inspiring, exciting, riveting, sensitive and dynamic are usually written on participants’ evaluations after they have experienced Ernesto. After his presentation you’ll feel inspired, amused and most important, ready to apply the tools that will transform your business and your personal life forever!

Prior to full-time consulting, Ernesto held management and organization development assignments for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. He started working as a sales executive with KLM Mexico.


Rick Itzkowich
Best Selling Author and America's # 1 Success & Investment Coach

Rick ItzkowichRick Itzkowich is the co-founder and Vice President of Productive Learning & Leisure. PL&L is an organization that offers unique courses, learning adventures and products that promote self-development and enhance people’s success in both their business and personal life. As a small business owner himself, Rick understands the cost of marketing. Over his 20 years in the industry, he has identified and designed highly successful online and offline strategies to cost-effectively market a business’ products and services.

As the creator of the QuoteActions and the LinkedIn Referral Success Program, Rick has created products that meet today’s demand for tools to use with social media. His marketing articles, podcasts and blog messages regarding how to combine offline and online social media, as well as his QuoteActions or web-based quotes and actions to keep your brand "top of mind" are in high demand.


Larry Loik
Founder and President of REINClub & Creator of the Eruption Marketing System

Larry LoikLarry will teach you how to turn your business into a traffic magnet. His system will work for online and offline businesses and allows you to attach more customers with less time, money & energy.

Larry Vast experience in the area of finance, real estate investing, marketing, cutting edge internet marketing and beyond.

He has Invested hundreds of thousands of dollars researching, attending and implementing cutting edge marketing offline as well as online on the internet.


Reg Athwal
Co-Founder & Chairman of 'OneTVO', Keynote Speaker, Moderator and Master of Ceremonies for Prominent Gatherings

Reg AthwalReg Athwal ( is the Founder of 'RAW Group LLC' with offices in London and Dubai, and Co-Founder & Chairman of 'OneTVO' ( He is also the Past President of the 'Professional Speakers Association' of the United Kingdom, and Founding Chairman of the 'Professional Speakers Association' of the Middle East (

Prior to becoming a strategic advisor to CEOs and a world renowned professional speaker, Athwal has built numerous start-up and fast-growth businesses since the age of 17, and bounced back from bankruptcy at the age of 21 to build his first million-dollar company by age 26. His personal success story, extensive research and best practices have been shared with thousands of students at Oxford University, The University of Chicago, Hult Business School, SP Jain Institute of Management, MIT College of Management and Cranfield University.


Dave Crane
One of the regions best known entertainers, NLP Master Practitioner life coach & You Learn Twit Face Event MC

Dave CraneDave is one of the freshest and highly requested trainers and motivational speakers in the market. In the last few years he has worked in Spain, South Africa, Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Egypt, the Caribbean, Italy and Monaco. One motivational session in Greece led to one Global company recording a 49% growth in sales within their next 12 months period and they attributed much of it to his work.

Dave's newest CD 'Now That's What I Call Hypnosis' has been performed to over 5,000 people worldwide including Bollywood royalty in Mumbai such as Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Khan, Simi Garewell and Pooja Bedi.

Certified NFNLP Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner and life coach.


Akanksha Goel
Marketing Futurist and Founder of 'Socialize' Social Media Consultancy

Akanksha GoelAkanksha Goel is a marketing futurist and the founder of Socialize, a social media consultancy and training house headquartered in Dubai.

Before moving to Dubai, she served as the Editor for STUFF Magazine Singapore, a leading consumer technology publication. She has also consulted on special projects with the TATA Group and TAJ Hotels, across India.

Akanksha frequently speaks and conducts marketing trainings across Asia and the Middle East. She counts companies like the MediaQuest Corporation, Murdoch University, Dubai Knowledge Village and Swarovski amongst her many clients. Akanksha also helped organize South East Asia's first Podcamp and was co-creator of theDigital Media Across Asia wiki. In her free time, she organises Tweet-ups and other networking events for entrepreneurs and conversation-starters in Dubai.

Wow, that's some line-up!

By the way...because this is the first time EVER this event has taken place, NONE of the speakers are using "off-the-shelf" presentations!

Each of the speakers has been requested to specifically prepare for this event and to share nothing but insights, strategies and up-to-date tips that you can use to transform your business.

In fact here is an incomplete list of topics we've requested the speakers to include in their taylor made presentations:

  • How to track and measure Social Media return on investment (so you can finally prove it works!)
  • How to Develop a Social Media action plan—you'll walk away with actionable steps you can immediately apply to your business
  • How to find customers and converting them to sales—you'll learn how others are successfully gaining customers for life with Social Media
  • How to Integrate Social Media into your existing marketing efforts—you'll discover practical ways to add Social Media to your existing marketing efforts for greater results
  • How to Become highly productive with Social Media—no more "guesswork," you'll learn how the pros manage many thousands of followers and still run successful businesses
  • How to use LinkedIn and E-Academy to grow your business—you'll discover the power of this business-focused social networking site
  • How to Grow and engage your audience with Twitter—you'll quickly learn the best ways to leverage this ultra-powerful Social Media tool from the planet's top Twitter experts
  • How to Drive traffic to your website using social bookmarking sites—the world's leading authority will share his secrets
  • How to use YouTube and other video sites to grow a following—discover how video can help you stand out and improve your search engine rankings

In addition... we've asked these experts to reveal:

  • What works in Social Media for business and what doesn't? (You will be surprised at the answer, but once you see it, you can and will apply it to your business when you get home)
  • Business lessons from Barack Obama that get you clients instead of voters.
  • How specifically some BIG companies use Social Media successfully and how you can duplicate their success in your business.
  • Specific Social-Media systems you can take back home to implement immediatly. (This is how you'll turn Social Media into profits)
  • How to turn Social Media from a "time sucker" into a non-stop, profit machine.
  • What Relationship Marketing really is and the tools and systems to help you profit from it.
  • How to harness the power of your personal brand and how to turn it into profits in the social-media world.
  • How not to get left behind while your competitors spin in circles trying to "figure out" how to make Social Media profitable.
  • How to REALLY create viral-marketing campaigns.
  • The best ways to market your business with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, social bookmarking sites and more!
  • How to create a smart Social Media marketing plan (no guesswork... you benefit from the wisdom of those who've gone before you)
  • How successful Social Media campaigns were executed and how you can achieve similar results (play-by-play steps provided)
  • How to creatively engage and grow a loyal Social Media following (gain raving fans who become your standard-bearers)
  • How to integrate Social Media activities with your other marketing efforts
  • How to drive more customers to your local business with new Social Media techniques
  • How to Gain a leg up on your competitors, helping you stand out and providing an early mover advantage

Is the Event a Fit for You?

If you find yourself in one of the categories below, You Learn Twit Face is a fit for you:


You're a Small Business Owner: You're just getting underway with Social Media—likely a consultant, coach, local business owner, writer, blogger, artist or general "gun for hire"—and see the potential of Social Media, but want to speed your path to success with the least effort and the greatest return.


You're a Corporate Marketer: You work for a corporation and have been tasked to manage the company's Social Media initiative. You likely face internal battles to convey how Social Media could help the company, but you know there's real potential.


You're an Experienced Social Media User: You've been using Social Media for a while, but want better results. You're ready to take your business to a whole new level by improving your productivity, following the proven tactics of the pros and leveraging new tools and techniques. Better response. Less work. More profitability.

If you find yourself in any of the 3 above categories...
the You Learn Twit Face conference is an event you don't want to miss!


NOW, if You're a student or an employee looking to expand your business horizons... allow me to emphasize the importance of your participation on this one of a kind event by sharing with you 2 important pieces of digital evidence:

The picture on the right above was scanned from the "Classified Ads" of the Gulf News.

As you can see more and more companies are looking for people who understand Social Media as a marketing and communications tool.

Now, on the video on the right, you can hear how Penny power shares the importance of employees turning into a supplier.I don't know about you but I feel there's lots of opportunities brewing for people like you too on the Social Media arena!

This program appeals to people who are new to Social Media and those who are using it every day!

The reason it appeals to both is that our guest experts are not just teachers but practitioners who have built businesses around the use of Social Media. They will show you how to start using Social Media at its basic core, and then leap forward with advanced strategies and tactics that will stretch your mind to appreciate ideas that some people don't even know.

Remember; To compete these days, you have to make your customers, clients or patients part of your world or they will be captured in someone else's world. That is the message of Social Media and why it has captured attention so quickly. People want to belong to and be part of a group of people they like, trust and believe in. On this event, you will learn how to create that sort of bond with your own fan base of customers and clients.

Come join us and discover how you can harness the power of Social Media to catapult your sales to a complete new dimension.

Its Decision Time...

We know that the economy has cash flow down for a lot of businesses and we are all looking for ways to save. We've gone out of our way to reduce costs without jeopardizing the quality of our event. We got a number of sponsors, contributors and volunteers that will result in major savings for you.

You Learn Twit Face Conference an expense, but an investment for your financial future, and we want you to feel 100% comfortable with us.

We've seen Social Media Conferences selling for over $2000.00 dollars despite the fact that they are taught by one or maximum 2 teachers only.

On this event you'll learn from a total of 12 world class experts and and you'll be able to participate in this unique event for a fraction of what those 'one teacher' events run for.

Today, (IF WE STILL HAVE TICKETS AVAILABLE) – you only pay $497.00 per ticket!

The challenge still stands, we DARE you to try to find another event THIS exclusive, of THIS caliber, THIS size, for anywhere NEAR that price.

But don't investigate too long, because we ALREADY KNOW that more people will WANT to come than we can possibly accommodate.

Are you Scared to invest even $497.00 in your business's future; YOUR future?

Don't be... Here's why:

If for ANY REASON, you can't attend after purchasing a ticket, just let us know all the way up to June9th, and we will refund you. Look, PLENTY of people want to get in on this event, so we are NOT worried about being unable to fill your spot.

Besides we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Our Unconditional Money Back Guarantee



Right Selection's Personal Promise
to Transform Your Life

We are SO confident that the You Learn Twit Face event will meet your expectations – and even EXCEED them, that we are making you an unprecedented deal.

If after Lunch on day 1, you decide there's nothing our experts can teach you, and that they can't help your business grow – if your head is not full of profit-building ideas.

Let us know and we'll refund you your complete investment. How much easier and SAFER could we make it?

How much more could we possibly stand by the life-changing, brain melting QUALITY of our event?

NOTE: If you decide to leave, we will obviously have to revoke your special attendee badge and bar you from the remaining sessions.

Join us in June and our experts will help you do some amazing things for your business in 2010 (and BEYOND).

Turn your business around, or even START a NEW successful business while everyone else is worrying about doom and gloom.

Join us right away while we still have tickets available.

Register Now for this One-of-a-Kind Event


If you ever dreamed of the kind of event where you could just find out how to REALLY succeed... if you ever wished that you could find experts who would just tell you straight up, face to face: what to do, what you're doing wrong, how to fix it, and what to do next...

This is your event!

Special Bonuses For Taking
Action NOW And Registering…

In addition to this "straight from the trenches" information and inspiration from 12 of the world's greatest entrepreneurs and business leaders, you also receive an impressive list of special perks and bonuses not available anywhere else.

VIP Upgrade

Register below before June 1st and you'll be Upgraded to VIP status during the event:

  • You'll get preferred seating for the 2 day event!
  • You'll get a preferential registration desk to avoid waiting lines
  • You'll get access to a surprise bonus event where one (or more) of our speakers will spend time with you helping you in some aspects of your business.

The Complete Unlimited Power Online I & II

Digitally Mastered and Unedited Audio Recordings!


For the FIRST (and possibly only) time EVER, we're releasing the Audio Recordings our 2 past Internet Marketing Mega Events.

29 hours and 17 minutes of pure 'high octane' business secrets from 20 elite Internet Marketers including:

- Mike Filsaime

- John Carlton

- Russell Brunson

- Mike Koenigs

- Dean Hunt

- Andrew Lock

- James Schramko

- Simon Coulson


Valued at $497.00





Digital Audio Recordings of This Year's Speaker Presentations!

  • 2 months after the event, you'll receive access to high quality digital audio of the speaker's presentations from the event! Review and relive your conference moments.
  • Maintain your roaring flame of motivation after returning home by reviewing the key pieces of the presentations that resonated with you most!
  • Go through each session calmly knowing you can always refer back to the recordings for specific details, lessons, tools, and tips.
  • Please note that due to specific speaker arrangements, not all presentations will be recorded. The only way to assure your opportunity to listen to all of these incredible presentations is by attending the program in person!

Valued at $297.00 but YOURS FREE



Attendee Welcome Package -
FREE When You Attend The Event!

  • At the event, you'll receive a Welcome Package including: Books, Videos, Software and other Resources, and supporting material to help you deep dive into your entrepreneurial education.
  • Plus, selected sponsors will also be allowed to include resources and products for you to help you improve your experience and increase your ability to create impact when you leave the event!

Because of the powerful list of speakers at this event, because attendance is limited and because of the incredible value for money this event represents, it is guaranteed to sell out. Indeed, judging by the early buzz and traffic this website is seeing… it is in your very best interest to secure your spot right now.

A World-Class Event at a World Class Location

The 2010 You Learn Twit Face conference will be held June 11th & 12th, 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Centre Point Auditorium of the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre

Right next door is the recently opened Holiday Inn Al-Barsha,  partner hotel for this event - a simple 20 minute ride from Dubai international airport (DXB) which is served by most international carriers. (full details - including how to get special rates - will be provided to those who register).

The event venue and partner hotel are located 5 minutes away from the one & only Burj Al Arab 7 star hotel and the ultra modern Dubai Internet City. They are within walking distance of SKI Dubai, the world's biggest indoor ski resort and they are easily accessible by the recently opened "space age' like Dubai Metro.

Enjoy this Short Video About Dubai and Find out What

These 2 Internet Titans Have to Say About this Amazing City! 




Mike Koenigs Co-Founder of Traffic Geyser &
Legendary Copywriter John Carlton

Siren Consult is our travel partner for this event and they will be delighted to assist you with your travel needs. They have blocked a limited number of rooms at our partner hotels at a very discounted rate (hard to do these days in Dubai). You will get all the required information for you to contact them and benefit from these rock bottom rates!

Air travel to Dubai is easy from almost any city in the world. Nonstop flights are offered from Europe, Asia, Australia and event the USA. Emirates Airlines and most National Carriers fly to dubai on a Daily basis. Besides rates aver very competitive due to the large competition. Simply search for "Cheap Tickets to Dubai" on Google and you'll find a number of amazing offers to visit our fantastic city.


FAQ's: We Realize You May Have Questions...
So We've Got Answers...

I know we've covered a lot here, so let's step back for a minute and address any questions you may have at this point...

Why Is This Event 2 Days Long?
Isn't it too late to get in on the Internet boom? Have I "missed the boat?"
Can I Speak to Someone By Phone If I Have a Specific Question?
What Can I Expect After Attending This Event?
How Can I Continue My Education After the 2 Day Event is Over?

Any Other Questions Before You Book Your Ticket?

What is your Question?

If this event resonates with you and you believe that you need to be there, I urge you to seize the moment immediately. Click on the link below and join the group of powerful leaders and entrepreneurs who will be at this event!


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To Your Success,

Yours for deeper fulfillment, joy, abundant wealth, and a better life,

Gautam & Ram Ganglani
Co-Organizers of the You Learn Twit Face Event

PS: What does it feel like to have your own Internet business?

Imagine waking up only when you are rested... and spending your days energized, alive and doing something that you love.

Can you see yourself sitting down to write a simple, honest letter on your website... clicking "SEND" half an hour later and realizing that your most important work for the day is finished?

Think of what it will feel like to wake up in the morning to find out that your bank account grew by $1,000 while you were sleeping.

Now imagine doing this over and over again, anytime you wish!

If that sounds good to you, come join us in Dubai this June... and leave with enough knowledge to start your Internet business... and income for life.

We promise you that when we shake your hand at the end of our conference in Dubai, you will know and agree - that we take our promises very seriously.

Our word is our reputation, and our reputation is our business. Come on out to Dubai and let us prove it to you as together, we help you build your new future with your brand new Internet business.

We need your success to be successful ourselves, and I vow we wont let you down.


Note: With an event that features the number and profile of speakers as the the You Learn Twit Face Event does, there is always the possibility of a speaker not being able to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. All of the speakers outlined here have been confirmed to speak, but we do reserve the right to substitute another speaker in any case where a speaker is unable to attend the event, for whatever reason.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and partners.
Without them this event will not be possible.